PRN Magazine

PRN Magazine was founded in 2015 by Anna Magnowska with art direction by illustrator Laura Quick. PRN is an online magazine which makes connections between art, medicine, culture, science and technology. Featured in Creative Review and the Guardian, PRN includes interviews, writing, illustration, photography and design by a diverse range of talented people including: TV presenter and explorer Dr Kevin Fong, showrunner Jed Mercurio, fashion photographer Julia Kennedy, cartoonists Modern Toss, journalist Euan Ferguson, writer Sarah Hughes, illustrator Joe Cruz, artist Claudia Bicen, Royal Academy artist Michael Landy, rapper and physican ZDogg MC and author Gavin Francis as well as contributions from nurses, doctors, scientists and other healthcare professionals. 

The images above show a selection of work from PRN Magazine. Click on the descriptions below the image to be taken to the article.